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How To Claim The LUM Network Airdrop

One of the best things about the Cosmos ecosystem are the airdrops. They just keep coming! There’s not much more fun than receiving free tokens and then staking those tokens to receive more free tokens!

Every airdrop is different and we’ll do our best to walk you through the LUM token claiming process.

1. Navigate to and enter your Cosmos or Osmosis address to see if you have any tokens to claim. The number of tokens you can claim appears at the top of the screen.

2. If you qualify to receive airdropped tokens navigate to and then click on “wallet” to add LUM network to your wallet. If using Keplr, click the drop down at the top of the wallet window and you’ll see that LUM network has been added to the bottom of your available networks.

Keplr with connected hardware wallet might not be working. So, connect your Ledger directly to the wallet page, with the Cosmos app open on your Nano. You may have to enable “expert mode” in the Cosmos app on your Nano. A pop up window appears. Highlight the Cosmos app on the popup message and click continue to connect your Ledger.

3. You’ll see a “Current balance” of 1 LUM token in your wallet. In order to claim the full amount of the airdrop you must stake and also vote on a governance proposal. Remember, every airdrop has a different processes to claim tokens. The image below shows .925 LUM because I’ve already staked and a little was taken out to pay for gas.

Bookmark this page, so you know where to go to claim and restake your LUM tokens in the future.

4. Click the “Staking” icon at the top of the dashboard page. Scroll through the list of available validators and select one by clicking, “Delegate.” This is not an official recommendation, but Cros-Nest validator is active online in the Cosmos community and they are friends of friends. I staked my LUM with Cros-Nest.

DO NOT stake all of your 1 LUM token because you’ll need a little for fees and to vote on any upcoming governance proposal. Stake 0.5 LUM to the validator of your choice. Blocks United does not currently validate for LUM network.

5. When the delegation is complete, copy the transaction hash and paste it into the search bar on a block explorer, like Mintscan:

6. Make note of the transaction hash for your records.

7. The final step to claim your LUM tokens is to vote on a network proposal. Remember, crypto rewards active participants. The voting window is tight, December 17th through December 19th, 2021.

After arriving at the “Operations” page in your LUM wallet, scroll down and click, “Vote.” See image below. A popup window appears. Type 1 into the “Proposal ID” box and then select “Yes” in the “Vote” dropdown box below it. Confirm the transaction and copy the hash for your records.

8. Navigate back to the staking page, scroll down and view your airdropped tokens in the “Vesting tokens” window. See image below.

9. Stake your vesting tokens. Our suggestion is to spread your stake between 3 validators to hedge your risk of slashing or a smart contract getting hacked.

We suggest staking outside the top 10 largest nodes. Try to stake with smaller nodes, but make sure they have LUM self-staked and a website, so you can reach them if necessary. Click on each validator to see these details.

10. Follow LUM network on their official website, Medium, Discord, Telegram, Twitter, or Facebook to stay up to date.

We hoped this LUM airdrop tutorial showed you how to claim your tokens. Remember to keep tabs on LUM’s social channels so you know when a proposal is coming. Vote and then you get to claim all your LUM tokens!

ALL COSMONAUTS ARE WELCOME TO STAKE THEIR ATOM TOKENS WITH OUR NODE AT BLOCKS UNITED. You can find our node in Guarda wallet, Rainbow wallet, Trust wallet, Ledger Live, Keplr and Cosmostation.

View our node’s page on Mintscan.

Check out our ATOM staking tutorial.

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The Blocks United Promises

  1. To be ethical and trustworthy
  2. To charge reasonable commission, so you can get the highest yield
  3. 100% uptime. Our validator nodes run 24/7/365
  4. Aligning our values with our delegators
  5. Responding to delegator questions and inquiries in a timely manner
  6. Contributing to the communities we validate for
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