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Polygon Partners With Axelar

Polygon and Axelar team up! These two teams are aggressively expanding their networks and bringing more functionality to their users.

Both networks have formed partnerships at lightning speed. 

Here’s why we’re impressed:

Polygon-Axelar partnership expands interoperability

Supernets allow developers to launch dApps quickly and easily. Polygon invested $100 million in their supernets.

Axelar allows dApp developers to launch across multiple blockchains at once. The network is a bridge between blockchain ecosystems….Polkadot, Avalanche, Cosmos, Ethereum, etc.

Now, developers who launched on Polygon can unlock cross-chain communication through Axelar Network. Polygon and Axelar are now in business!

This is a big deal for developers on Polygon, who were previously walled-off from other blockchains. It has exponentially increased their ability to reach more users.

And those users can now transfer assets securely between Polygon supernets and other connected blockchains in a single click.

Developers check out: How to bootstrap a blockchain with Polygon Supernets.

Axelar co-founder, Sergey Gorbunov told CoinDesk that this will, “allow developers to build anywhere they want and still be connected to everyone else.”

Learn more about Axelar here.

Learn more about Polygon here.

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