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Web3 Startups Now Have Polygon Village

Polygon Village is here to help Web3 startups launch, grown, and scale their operations. There is 110 million MATIC waiting to be granted to deserving founders and teams.

What is Polygon Village?

Polygon Village is a Web3 startup incubator. You now have the tools, training, guidance, and community needed to launch your crypto project on Ethereum’s #1 layer 2 ecosystem.

  1. Village Build Ideas – a catalog of use cases, with milestone-based grants, 1:1 mentoring and support.

  2. Village Startup Support – a tailored support program offering immersive guidance, 1:1 mentorship, access to an elite network & vouchers from Solution Providers.

  3. Village Grants – The community grant program will be available for all projects, at any stage of development and of any type, whether DeFi, gaming, infra, social, or any other. The program will total more than 110 million in MATIC.

Get startup ideas, apply for funding, receive strategic support from Polygon, access tools and resources, and build your community!

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Join the party and visit the Polygon Village today!

And Register for the MATIC liquid staking launch through Tenderize Protocol here!

It’s time to launch your blockchain company and embrace the Web3 within you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Polygon Village grants come from a pool of 110 million MATIC to help founders successfully grow in the Polygon ecosystem.

The grants are milestone-based and come with 1-on-1 mentoring and support to help slingshot you past your business goals.

Polygon is built on top of Ethereum, so brings millions of users to your new project. Whether you are launching a DeFi application, NFT project, or video game, Polygon is the home of high-throughput projects. You can count on lightening fast transactions and some of the lowest fees in crypto.

Polygon is headquartered in Mumbai, India.

The Polygon DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that helps to innovate, decentralize, and grow the Polygon community.

Polygon can process many more thousands of transactions per second and at a fraction of the cost. Ethereum is virtually unusable for new projects. It is slow and expensive. The Polygon layer 2 ecosystem of blockchains is the new frontier of Ethereum.

The Polygon ecosystem is experiencing rapid growth and is constantly hiring. As of this writing there were more than 7000 Polygon employees.

Polygon is an ecosystem of its own blockchains. All are built on top of Ethereum as layer 2’s, which help the Ethereum ecosystem to scale exponentially.

Polygon Ventures is a separate company that invests directly into crypto startups. Their mission statement: Polygon Ventures backs trailblazing teams on mission of bringing the open internet to the masses. Check their website to learn more.

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