Earn Passive Income With Your Crypto

Stake Your Tokens With Us

Stake Your Tokens With Us

Our noncustodial nodes never take possession of your funds. You're in control of your tokens.

We Validate Blocks On The Chain

We Validate Blocks On The Chain

We earn tokens by validating transactions in each block. Our nodes operate with 100% uptime.

We All Receive Block Rewards

We All Receive Block Rewards

We share the block rewards with you! Compounding your crypto holdings has never been easier.


As a validator on proof-of-stake blockchains we create, propose and vote on blocks to be added to each chain. We run enterprise-level hardware 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to keep the blockchain operational. We pride ourselves on 100% uptime.

Make your crypto work for you and stake your tokens with us. Your tokens act like fuel for our validator nodes, so we split the block rewards with you. We never take custody of your tokens and returns are between 5%-20% annually. Plus, you get to make a difference and help secure your favorite networks.

Unlike most blockchain validators we respond to your questions. We’re readily available through the contact form below, or on our Discord server. Earning your trust and developing a long-term relationship is a top priority.


Blocks United is a trusted Proof-of-Stake infrastructure provider and blockchain validator. We’re seasoned professionals with decades of development, operational, infrastructure, financial and business experience.

Plus, we’re enthusiastic crypto investors! We strive to stay on the leading edge of blockchain technology because we love it.


Stake your tokens with us and earn rewards for securing blockchains like, HydraDX and Polygon.

Click here to stake your MATIC tokens with our node on the Polygon network.

Click here to stake your HDX tokens on HydraDX and find us by searching, “BLOCKSUNITED.” Support the network and earn passive income from your crypto.

We promise top notch security, staying fully compliant, making community contributions, and staying aligned with our delegators and nominators by staking our own tokens.

Keep checking back as we’re continually adding validator nodes on various blockchain projects.


Please fill out our contact form if you have questions about staking your tokens with us, or about your current staked tokens. You can also reach us on our Discord server.

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