is Polygon MATIC a buy right now, does Polygon matic have a future, how to stake MATIC tokens

Is Polygon MATIC a good buy right now?

All coins and tokens have suffered in this bear market. Prices are down across the board. The MATIC token has dropped from a 2022 high of $2.74 to around $0.80 as we write. Our 12 to 24 month price target for MATIC is $1.84. Check out our MATIC price prediction

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Does Polygon have a future, will the MATIC token rise

Does Polygon (MATIC) Have a Future?

As 2022 is coming to a close, it’s time for a review. We’ll discuss some of the major events that shaped Polygon’s 2022 and answer the question we see online: Does Polygon MATIC have a future?

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what is Polygon, how to stake MATIC, what is axelar network, Polygon partners with Axelar

Polygon Partners With Axelar

This is a big deal for developers on Polygon, who were previously walled-off from other blockchains. It has exponentially increased their ability to reach more users.

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FTX collapse, sam bankman-fried, Binance and FTX, FTT token

What The FTX Collapse Could Mean For Crypto

What’s important to consider here is the fact that was an unregulated exchange. What was going on behind the scenes was unknown. This allowed the exchange to lend out customer funds, which only banks are allowed to do in the U.S. The industry term for this is, leveraging liquidity.

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what is polygon matic, is matic a good investment, how to stake matic tokens,

What’s Polygon MATIC?

Polygon was built to offload traffic from the Ethereum main chain and ease congestion. It’s a scaling solution, built on top of Ethereum and is referred to as a layer 2 protocol. Ethereum being layer 1.

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how high will MATIC go, will Polygon MATIC reach $10, will Polygon MATIC reach $5, is Polygon MATIC a good buy, what will Polygon MATIC be worth

Polygon MATIC Price Prediction

It is amazing how impatient crypto investors can be. We see people asking for MATIC price predictions constantly; will Polygon MATIC reach $10, is Polygon MATIC a good buy, can MATIC reach $5, what will Polygon’s MATIC be worth?

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ATOM 2.0, ATOM whitepaper, Cosmos Proposal 82, ATOM validator, stake ATOM

ATOM 2.0 Proposal 82

There’s controversy within the Cosmos and 3 new governance proposals to vote on. We at Blocks United have voted in favor of ATOM 2.0, which is Cosmos proposal 82. We have voted no on proposals 81 and 83, which were meant to oppose ATOM 2.0 by Cosmos co-founder and former team member, Jae Kwon.

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