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How To Stake MATIC Tokens (2022)

Want to stake now? Connect directly to our Polygon validator node using Metamask...

You can buy MATIC tokens from fiat currency through centralized exchanges, like Coinbase, Kraken and Binance. Or, swap for them using a decentralized exchange, like Uniswap.

IMPORTANT: To stake MATIC tokens and earn block rewards YOUR TOKENS MUST BE ERC20.

Matic Staking Tutorial

This is because Polygon was built on top of Ethereum as a scaling solution. Our validator nodes are on the Ethereum network, NOT Polygon network.

I have seen tons of people get this one wrong. They assume MATIC staking is on Polygon mainnet, because the whole point of Polygon is to save on fees.

So, they bridge their tokens over to Polygon only to find out that MATIC staking is on Ethereum, and have to waste money bridging them back.

No matter where you bought MATIC tokens from fiat, select “ERC20” when withdrawing from the exchange.

Your ERC20 MATIC receiving address will be the same as your ETH receiving address.

Pro Tip: ALWAYS send small test transactions to new wallet addresses, or when you’re not sure. It just might save you from losing all your tokens.

MATIC staking tutorial

  1. MATIC staking can be done directly within Frontier and Klever wallets, or by connecting Coinbase wallet, Trust wallet or Metamask to the Polygon dashboard.
  2. Be sure to have ETH in your wallet to pay for transactions. Remember, MATIC staking is on Ethereum. You must have ETH to move, stake, claim, and re-stake your MATIC.
  3. Check the banner at the top of for real-time Ethereum transaction costs. When ETH fees are under 40 they’re reasonable and it’s a good time to stake, claim and re-stake.
  4. Navigate to the Polygon dashboard and connect your wallet.
  5. Click “Polygon staking.”
  6. Click “All Validators” and scroll down the list to find Blocks United, or simply click here. You can also type “Blocks United” into the search box at the top of the “All Validators” page to find us.
  7. Once you’re on the Blocks United staking page, click “Become a Delegator.”
  8. Choose the number of tokens you wish to stake.
  9. Click “Continue” and then confirm the transaction in your wallet when the window pops up.

    If you’ve never staked before this process is broken down into 2 transactions.

    The first transaction gives your wallet permission to move your MATIC tokens. The second transaction actually delegates your tokens to the validator you’ve chosen.

  10. Wait for a confirmation on Etherscan and save the transaction hash in a spreadsheet.

    After 12 checkpoints your staked tokens will appear in your MATIC dashboard and you’ll begin earning block rewards!

  11. Bookmark the page, so you know where to go to claim your staking rewards. That’s it!

Closing thoughts….

No validator ever takes custody of your tokens. Their voting power is simply assigned to your validator. That helps us sign blocks and allows us to vote for you on network proposals.

Check out the article, How To Choose A Validator for pearls of wisdom.

ALWAYS check that you’re installing the official wallet. Scammers manage to get fake extensions in the Chrome and Apple store. I got suckered after putting my seed phrase into a fake Trust wallet extension and had $4000 worth of crypto instantly emptied from my wallet.

Google did not reimburse me and it took a few weeks before they removed the scam wallet from the Chrome Store. Ya know what I learned?

ALWAYS click your way to the Chrome store by way of the wallet’s official website.

Crypto is still the wild West and it’s up to you to practice good digital hygiene. Be smart and if you aren’t sure, ask someone who’s got more experience than you.

Feel free to leave questions and comments below, or fill out our contact form.

We hope this article has shown you how to stake MATIC tokens and also hope that you’ll consider staking with our node.

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