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Is Polygon MATIC a good buy right now?

All coins and tokens have suffered in this bear market. Prices are down across the board. The MATIC token has dropped from a 2022 high of $2.74 to around $0.80 as we write.

Our 12 to 24 month price target for MATIC is $1.84. Check out our MATIC price prediction for greater detail.

Nothing we say or write can be considered financial advise. Always consult your financial professional.

That being said, we feel that MATIC is a good buy right now and here’s why…

1) Unique user addresses just surpassed 200 million. Check it out on Polygonscan and see the chart below.

polygonscan, MATIC, Polygon addresses

Partnerships with Meta, Reddit, Starbucks, Robinhood and Nike are helping to bring users into the ecosystem.

Additionally, NFTs can be minted and traded inexpensively on Polygon. And, play-to-earn games are launching on Polygon too. Ethereum’s users are sick of the high fees and getting onboard. 

2) Earlier this year, the NFL partnered with Polygon to launch its NFTs.

3) Solana NFT project y00ts announced they’re moving to Polygon.

4)Solana-based Phantom wallet announced integration with Polygon. Phantom is a great wallet. It’s easy to use and a wonderful alternative to Metamask.

5) The second version of the Polygon zkEVM testnet successfully launched and mainnet is right around the corner. This will be the first zero-knowledge scaling solution to fully integrate with Ethereum.

MATIC, Polygon zkEVM

6) Polygon launches its free football NFT collection. Sports NFTs are quickly replacing trading cards and bringing users into crypto.

7) Warner Music and LGND partner with Polygon for their music NFTs. Artists will soon be able to launch their own digital collectibles. And, using LGND music fans can listen to their ‘digital vinyl’ while on the go.

8) India’s e-commerce marketplace, Flipkart announces a partnership with Polyogn. The deal is expected to bring metaverse shoppers into the ecosystem. Important to note, Walmart owns a majority share of Flipkart.

Polygon’s ecosystem is expanding quickly. For additional reasons why we think Polygon MATIC is a good buy, check out our article: Does Polygon MATIC have a future?

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