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Staking ATOM Tokens: Income from Crypto Assets

This is article 6/11 in Part II of our series, How To Build Wealth and Grow Crypto Assets and Income by Staking.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Cosmos has unique features, like interoperability, customizability, scalability, governance, and the ATOM economic zone.
  2. You can start staking with only 1 ATOM token.
  3. The ATOM token has the potential to be a core holding in any crypto portfolio.

Cosmos is gaining traction among crypto developers and investors, thanks to its unique approach to solving blockchain interoperability. It is a decentralized network of independent parallel blockchains.

Cosmos welcomes developers who want to launch their own blockchains that seamlessly connect to other IBC enabled chains.

The ATOM token is the native cryptocurrency of the Cosmos Hub, used for staking, governance, and securing the network.

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The unique features of the Cosmos ecosystem

1. Interoperability: Cosmos enables communication and data sharing between different blockchains, addressing the issue of blockchain silos. Inter-blockchain Communication (IBC) allows different blockchains to establish secure connections and authenticate data.

IBC can be used to develop a wide range of applications, from token transfers, NFTs, oracle data feeds, and interchain accounts. IBC is now connected to Polkadot, Kusama and Ethereum, thanks to Composable Finance. Many more ecosystems will soon connect.

2. Customizability: Cosmos developers can create custom blockchains tailored to their specific needs and use cases. They can have their own blockchains that trustless bridge to other blockchains using IBC. Plus, they can secure each other.

Developers should check out the Cosmos SDK.

3. Scalability: Cosmos believes that decentralized applications can function best as their own blockchains. Dapps no longer need to host their databases on Ethereum. With virtually an unlimited number of applications coming, Cosmos can scale exponentially.

4. Governance: Cosmos governance is quite active. ATOM token holders can participate in governance decisions, like proposals for network upgrades, changes to network parameters, and adding consumer chains to the Cosmos Hub.

5. The ATOM economic zone: Deep liquidity, transaction volume, and revenue are coming to the Cosmos Hub.

Neutron is a smart contract platform that will bring decentralized finance and hopefully, transaction volume to the Cosmos Hub. 

Stride is a liquid staking platform that will expand the use of the ATOM token as collateral within DeFi.

Aether EVM and the Elys Network and their DEX will soon launch on the Hub using Partial Set Security.

The synergies between consumer chains could attract massive amounts of liquidity and revenue from transactions.

Staking requirements and rewards for ATOM

ATOM holders can stake their tokens to help secure the Cosmos network and earn rewards in return. You need at least 1 ATOM to stake.

ATOM Staking can be done directly through a wallet, like Keplr, Cosmostation, Leap, and Trust Wallet.

The current annual staking reward rate for ATOM is around 14%. 

The staking rate varies depending on the total amount of ATOM staked, inflation, transaction volume, validator uptime, validator commission, etc.

Long-term potential of ATOM

As the Cosmos ecosystem and ATOM economic zone grow, the demand for ATOM tokens is likely to increase because the token will be needed to pay for transactions.

Projects, like Kava connect Cosmos to Ethereum, Composable brings Cosmos to Polkadot and Ethereum. Injective and Axelar connect Cosmos to Solana and many other blockchain ecosystems. 

Staking ATOM and restaking your rewards allows you to compound your holdings. 

Plus, staking ATOM tokens with qualified validators will earn you airdrops. Free tokens that you can turn around and stake is a fun bonus. 

Additionally, staking ATOM enables you to participate in the governance process, giving you a voice within the ecosystem.

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The unique features of the Cosmos ecosystem, coupled with the potential for compounding your position, make ATOM an attractive long-term crypto holding.

Save time by auto-compounding with Yieldmos.

Please refrain from staking with centralized exchanges. For a detailed explanation check out our article: Why You Should Not Stake With Coinbase.

Be sure to check out our ATOM staking tutorials, or click the button below to stake your ATOM tokens now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You get to help secure the network, vote on proposals, earn attractive staking rewards, build wealth, and ride the leading edge of crypto.

Inflation is initially high to attract developers, infrastructure providers, and users. The community is currently discussing reducing the inflation rate, which they believe will attract institutional capital. 

We believe the best place to stake is directly with a validator from a noncustodial wallet, like Ledger Live, Keplr or Cosmostation.

Check out our article, The Best and Worst Places to Stake ATOM.

Absolutely! See our How to Stake ATOM Using Ledger Live tutorial.

You simply click the “stake ATOM” button while logged into Coinbase, but wait! Coinbase charges a HUGE COMMISSION. See our article The Best and Worst Places to Stake ATOM.

It’s simpler than you think. Check out our ATOM staking tutorials.

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